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Good questions are vital. The early Methodist movement helped Christianity get established in a young, growing United States because Methodists had vital worshipping communities as well as small groups to help people grow in faith together. It's amazing how a regular opportunity to talk through some simple questions helps renew our focus in life. "Growing Stronger Check-Ins" is a simple way for you to casually talk about ways you are growing or would like to grow in your faith. A Check-In Group meets at various times during the month and will have less than 8 people in it. Sign up on the sign-up sheet in the Sunday School Class hallway or email Pastor Jim ( to sign up for a group meeting that works for you.

Current Opportunities:
Sunday, Nov. 26th - 6pm
Wed. Nov. 29 - 9am
Thur., Dec. 14th - 9am
Sun., Dec. 17th - 6pm
Wed., Jan 3rd - 9am
Th., Jan. 18th - 9am
Sun., Jan. 28th - 6pm

Growing Stronger Check-In Questions
What is something that you are thankful for today?
What has been a challenge or hardship for you lately?
How are you finding ways to experience the presence of God through prayer, scripture, worship and/or service?
Do you want to move towards the presence of God in any new or consistent ways?
How do you think God is speaking to you or directing you lately?
What is your focus in this season of your life?
How are you serving (or would like to serve) community, church and others in a way that fits with your focus?
What are your prayer requests today?